Published articles: COAI "The New Calliope)",
MUM "SYM Youth", WCA "Clowning Around" and
"Magic Magazine".  

I like Brian Lees writing.  His articles present things
that we need to be reminded of and he does them in
interesting ways. He offers solid concepts for anyone interested
in being a magician!
(Stan Allen, Magic Magazine)

BOOK REVIEW of Oops Now What?        
Vital information that should be read by any magician who does
public shows. S**t happens and this shows you how to deal with
it.  (Devin Knight)

Brian’s ebooks cover all the other stuff that most magicians
forget about – I mean everything that is not trick related.  
Reading Brian’s ebooks will give you a good foundation and
grounding in what it takes to be a pro and appear on a stage.  
(Chris Wasshuber,